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High energy flamenco guitar instrumental in its purest format with simple hand clap percussion and "jaleos" (vocal encouragement). An album in the vein of the very best of flamenco guitar.



California State University, Fresno, College of Arts and Humanities and Department of Music and The Fresno State Guitar Festival present Jesus Montoya and Ricardo Marlow, LIVE


Playing "Bulerías" - My own composition

Playing "Taranta" - My own composition.  Promoting the guitar of Max Bishop.


Here is Rumba I recorded, my own composition.  I am laying down a take of lead guitar, the backing was multitracked and recorded before.  This was meant for 2 guitars, but I pre-recorded the 2nd guitar part.  I am not using this take on the CD because of the little timing mistake at 1:34, but at least I have this take on video to share. This guitar is Conde Hermanos A26, orange-redish. 

Subscibe to my YouTube Channel to see my latest videos.

A flamenco “essential”

Rarely will musical virtuosity be at the service of a man’s profound sensitivity and creative genius. That is the unique and wonderful case of Richard Marlow, “Ricardo”.
These compositions are uncompromisingly traditional Flamenco, almost scholarly essays illustrating the purity of this often adulterated style. Yet each one piece is melodically entertaining and freshly new, rhythmically seductive and above all opulently rich with the poignant passion of Flamenco.
I am an amateur flamenco player, and have learned so much from this humble master’s art. Thank you Ricardo for the wonders you created in your “Madera Sonora”.

June 2008

G.J. Corrado

Great teacher!

“I honestly consider Ricardo as a living legend and inspiration amongst non-spanish flamenco guitar players like me. So having a lesson from him was nothing short but surreal. His CD maybe underrated perhaps but for me it is one of the best solo flamenco guitar CDs I have heard in flamenco. He’s generous with his knowledge and truly knows the flamenco sound so that he will instill that too in you.”

May 28, 2015

Juan Carlo

The Langley High School Orchestra integrated Sara & Ricardo into our study of Spanish music and culture. They presented in our classrooms, and even taught our students a few basic Flamenco steps and palmas rhythms so that we could perform alongside them at our Spanish concert. The performers had a great ability to connect with the students and bring history to life. The interactive performance was especially effective, creating a team-building opportunity while immersing our students in something they had not previously experienced. I would highly recommend them for any educational setting or public performance.

Mar 6, 2016

Scott M.,

Langley High School Orchestra


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